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Balanced Nutrition

This tool mitigates soil deterioration due to imbalanced nutrition. Therefore, it will provide management protocols for a maintainable soil resources whether to replenish loss nutrients to minimise excessive use of fertilisers.

Smart Water Management

This tool analyze historical rainfall and topography data implementing better irrigation system to provide adequate flow of available water and to prevent from water logging.

Variable Rate Seed

This tool identifies zones with high/low land productivity via satellites images that yields historical data in regards with appropriate seed & plant dispersal and methods for planting.

Specialised Crop Protection

This tool proposes precautionary measures in protecting the crop from harm by detecting pest problems, weed infection, and variability in crop diseases.

Crop Performance Analysis and Projection

This tool yields historical data and insights of plantation performance whether it would economically profitable for short/long term and this will help landowners make right decision in management and in operations.

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